Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Choir Loft

I am in a music group here at school. There are four groups- one for each weekday Mass at the Karthause. My group sings for the Wednesday Mass, and we are the only group which sings traditional music (hymns, sometimes latin...)

Our first rehearsal was a few days ago. I hurried into the church to escape the cold night air, and climbed the narrow, winding stairs which leads to the choir loft. The loft itself is a wonderful place to be- it gives one a marvelous view of the entire church. And behind the choir loft, on the back wall, is a massive window looking to the high snow-covered hills that tower over our small campus.

So we assembled for our first rehearsal- Holly, Nathan, Emily, Elizabeth, Brian, Annie, Mark, and myself. Five of us are music majors and minors, and the others in the group are brilliant musicians, so there is plenty of musical knowledge and talent. What a joy it is for us to come together in the loft of an ancient church, where Karthusian monks sang for centuries, and create music together for our Father.

The rehearsal was not work at all: it was entirely enjoyable- a treat. We all learned the notes and rhythms quickly and then just... flew. Our voices broke the deep silence of the empty church, echoing and reverberating off the high walls of Maria Thron. The rich bass of Mark and Nathan gave us depth and anchor, the high harmonies of we women blended together sweetly, and Brian's tenor soared over and around us all. It was a truly magical experience. I so look forward to singing with this group in the coming months...