Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day in Prague

The day after Hallstatt, we went to Prague. It was a cold and sunny Saturday. The city was beautiful, but I didn't know anything about it, so I was content to follow my map-wielding friend Caroline throughout the day. We visited the main square of the city with its colorful shops and famous clock, and saw several churches, including the Church of St. Nicholas. We also traversed the Charles Bridge while sipping hot, spiced wine. The bridge is lined with impressive, blackened statues of our Lord, Lady, and the saints. There were also various sellers and artists there.

The best part of Prague was visiting Our Lady of Victory Church and seeing the Infant of Prague. The church also had pictures of the Holy Family and Carmelite saints lining the walls- and it always delights me to see images of my patron St. Therese. After Mass, we were all desperate for a cheap, filling meal, and almost all of us crowded into a Segafredo's which stood near the church. There must have been two dozen of us in that tiny place, but they were happy for our business! By the time we finished eating, it was getting late, and we had roughly half an hour to make it to the bus across town.

Fortunately for me, Caroline is a map-reading expert by now, and Brian has a finely-tuned interior compass, so we made it across town without getting lost. It took us around twenty minutes, although we were fairly running towards the end. Prague was beautiful, but it is not one of my favorite places, and I am content having visited it once. This is partly because the city is sketchy at night, and because I lost some money at the exchange station. Despite that, I am glad that I went, especially because I was able to see the Infant.

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