Friday, April 15, 2011

An Afternoon out of Doors

The last weekend of March found the Karthause quite deserted, except for a handful of students. Most everyone went to Medjagorje, and I was one of the few who stayed behind. It ended up being an unforgettable weekend, which tends to happen when you live in the Karthause. 

On Thursday after class, I wandered up the side of the mountain behind the Karthause. It was a warm, bright day with an occasional breeze- the perfect day for walking. I savored the silence, and the beauty of Gaming in spring. When I had gained some height, I had a marvelous view of the town below. The climb took longer than I predicted, and I ended up running down the hill to be in time for noon Mass.

As it happens, some of the professors' children were on the hill picking wildflowers, and they helped me to pick a path through the thorn bushes and fences that were between me and my destination, the chapel. I ran along and reached the chapel during the opening hymn. 

The rest of the afternoon, I babysat for one of my professors. After a few hours of play, I was a little worn out, but that might be because the leader of “Simon Says” had us run around the house eight times. It was nice to play with children again- my own siblings are growing up fast, and my nephews are still babies. Besides Simon Says, we played baseball, pretended we were pirates, and made stew with rocks, flowers, and bark.

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