Friday, April 15, 2011

A Show of Talent

Caroline, Emily Rolla, and I performed a comical rendition of the song “Matchmaker” from the Fiddler on the Roof for the Karthause talent show. Emily R. rewrote the lyrics, turning the song into a parody of the quintessential Franciscan female stereotype: the MRS Major.

Actually, Caroline and Emily R. practically had to drag me into the act, because I was reluctant to perform. I am so glad that they did! The skit was successful, despite a stressful microphone situation just beforehand. The lyrics were brilliant and the tune was familiar to the audience, who laughed at all the right places. After performing, we sat back and enjoyed the other acts, which included a juggler, Irish dancers, three ninjas, a miniature guitarist, a monologist, and professor impersonators. I think I laughed harder than I have since the last time I hung out with Neil, which is saying a lot. It was a hilarious and memorable evening that we all- professors, families, students- enjoyed together.

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